About Us

The Vision

TJC Guns is the result of a vision born in the middle of the Covid pandemic. Jim and Carolyn, family, and friends, found themselves hard pressed to locate ammunition and guns. Carolyn began to scout for ammo. She would find a box of 12 gauge of anything and grab it. For instance, she found two boxes of 12 gauge shells on a local retailer shelf. It was like finding a bar of gold. The ammo would be placed under the bed as “seed” and scouting resumed. Some were hoarding toilet paper. She was seeking as voraciously for ammo.


Guns Became The New Shoes For The Ladies

The bed began to “rise” and she stored in the closet until there was no more room. Jim says, “We prayed, scouted, and sought ammo driving to states and gun shows, dropping in on little mom and pops shops and pawn shops to meet our family, friends, and community ammo needs. Guns were the same. Guns became the “new shoes for the ladies “and her shoe closet became the harbor for guns. After prayer and “pondering” it was decided to apply for the FFL required by ATF to sell guns. The rest is history”.


The Biggest, Littlest Gun Shop

TJC’s goal and purpose was to see that family, friends, and community never lacked ammo or guns again if possible. The two week grand opening was a success. Community turned out. Some just curious. Probably a scout or two. Dads and moms with sons and daughters. Some checking out the fishing supplies or Less Lethal products. Some just to share a bag of boiled peanuts that led to wholesome gun conversation and awareness. Many sales. Famous last words as customers left were, “You’re gonna need a bigger shop.” The little shop has become known as “the Biggest, Littlest Gun Shop”for its variety, inventory, and the couple’s enormous love for people and large vision to meet needs.


The Name

The name Team Jim and Carolyn Trucking Services at www.teamjimandcarolyn.com was already known for its legendary customer service helping trucking companies and commercial truck drivers to navigate the field of FMCSA and regulatory rules. Jim has a strong working knowledge of safety, security, CTPAT, CBP, DHS, EPA, and several certifications related to the world of security, background investigations, use of force, and is a Certified Range Safety Officer. His specialty is hazardous materials security, Dangerous Goods, and Air, Sea, and Land shipping security. Carolyn is a Georgia private IRP agent with clients across the country. Both are bonded recovery agents. They use knowledge, props, tools, and testimony to “change the man from the inside out.”


Global Influence

This couple’s consulting work and network in providing safety and security in facility and product shipping is global extending across all continents. So the name Team Jim and Carolyn continues its legendary reputation through the newest vision, TJC GUNS, for unbeatable customer service in the world of firearms safety, security, and awareness training.


A Vision For Training

Jim and Carolyn also discovered something unique in the venture for purchasing guns. Through private “shopping” they discovered there was very little training or safety counseling offered by sellers. The approach seemed to be just sell guns, leaving many to walk away with a gun, a box of ammo, and the cave man mentality that if you shoot someone just “pull ‘em inside” and you’re good to go. So, utilizing their signature method of Image and Impact in teaching safety, security, and regulatory compliance, they developed simple workshops for new gun owners hungry to learn how to legally purchase a gun, how to legally protect their person, home, and business, and how to purchase, not just any gun but the gun that “fits”, and the proper ammo for the purpose.


Applying And Teaching Life Lessons Through Gun Safety Workshops

Jim says, “We took our family history of guns, our training in the security and safety business, and built a program for new gun owners. We sought to provide the tools that promote community spirit, education, awareness, and safe, responsible gun ownership. We tithe and give offerings from sales through various ways to meet needs in communities believing that there is no harvest if there is no planting.”
Drawing from our training and past in recovery work, we also wanted to provide students, parents, women, college students, and the old and young alike the principles and the “how-to” of Less Lethal Personal Protection and Self-Defense. We call on like-minded individuals in the world of Mixed Martial Arts to educate our constituents on self-defense.